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Create Excels with C# and EPPlus: Miscellaneous

2 May 2017

Miscellaneous features

EPPlus can do a whole lot more for you. This post covers some interesting stuff that didn’t really fit anywhere else.

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Create Excels with C# and EPPlus: Import

1 May 2017

IEnumerable objects

Exporting data to an Excel doesn’t get easier than this

using (var package = new ExcelPackage())
	var sheet = package.Workbook.Worksheets.Add("IEnumerable");
	var data = new[]
		new {Name = "A", Value = 1},
		new {Name = "B", Value = 2},
		new {Name = "C", Value = 3},
	sheet.Cells["A1"].SetHeaders("Name", "Value");
	package.SaveAs(new FileInfo(@""));
excel tutorial

NSubstitute vs Moq

30 Apr 2017

Comparing NSubstitute syntax with Moq, probably the most used mocking framework out there at the moment.



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Create Excels with C# and EPPlus: Formulas & DataValidation

27 Apr 2017

In case your users want to continue working with the Excels after generation.

Not a problem for EPPlus. Instead of calculating values and writing them to an excel, leverage the power of Excel formulas.

excel tutorial

Create Excels with C# and EPPlus: A tutorial

26 Apr 2017

Quick tutorial about creating xlsx Excels with C# and the EPPlus nuget package.

EPPlus Excel addresses are not zero based: The first column is column 1!

Also, before writing any loops, you might want to check out the LoadFromXXX methods. They are explained in depth in part 3 Import.

excel tutorial

Advanced Windows Explorer

22 Apr 2017

A listing of handy but less known shortcuts in Windows Explorer and some Autohotkey examples on how to add extra functionality.

Open Windows Explorer, the most direct way:

Win + E : Open Windows Explorer

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PowerShell and Git for the colorblind

21 Apr 2017

My PowerShell, Posh-Git and .gitconfig color configuration because of some red-green troubles with the default configurations.

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.NET Number and Date Formatting

20 Apr 2017

A cheat sheet with everything there is to know about formatting the primitive types, DateTimes and TimeSpans in .NET.