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    IT Consultancy

    to strenghten your business

    Agile & Scrum

    Full stack developers

    Architecture & Coaching

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    Awesome projects

    Continuous learning

    Exciting team events

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    we create amazing software

    Real communication gets the right product built

    Real knowledge gets the product built right


who we are

We are a team of passionate, highly motivated and dedicated IT consultants
with a strong focus on improving ourselves while loving what we do.

Our People

The core of our business. We like them to be happy and well-trained


Technical sessions, bootcamps and team events


Interesting projects in .NET, Java, Javascript, Angular, React, ..


A strong focus on quality, professionalism and dedication

our services

Whether you need a mobile app, a responsive website or a desktop application, we've got you covered.

Public Speaking

Introducing new technologies

or deepen knowledge of existing ones

Greenfield development

Custom project setup

Exactly what you need. Nothing less, nothing more.

Brownfield development

We help you escape the software tar pit

Continuous integration, performance tuning

Attention to detail

Clean, consistent, concise code

Linting, testing, asserting, documentation

A real definition of done

Automated tests and manual verification

Robust, qualitative, maintainable

Cloud services

Microservices, serverless architecture

We're hiring. Check out our vacancies for more information.


Our share to the community

May 22, 2023  

Vaadin: Translation Oopsie

A deep dive into fixing a translation issue we stumbled upon while upgrading Vaadin that through some frustration and out-of-the-box SOLID thinking, ultimately made my team's lives easier

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May 21, 2023  

Regular Expressions: Tutorial

Regex tutorial: after our gentle regex intro, we now dive into the minimum set of regex you should really know.

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May 17, 2023  

What chart library to use in React?

A showcase and comparison of the most popular React charting libraries using a simple "Line Chart"

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