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European Women in Tech 2023
Beyond Algorithms: Explainable AI

(And of course, this blog is written with the help of AI)

In the ever-evolving world of technology, the European Women in Tech in Amsterdam shed light on some crucial insights and perspectives. From the wise words of Elisabeth Theophille, who emphasized the importance of embracing change and enjoying the journey, to the valuable lessons learned from industry leaders like Heineken, Ikea, and ING, the event provided a unique opportunity to explore the complexities of digital transformation and AI.

This blog post delves into the key takeaways from the event, highlighting the importance of responsible AI, organizational transformation, the role of data-driven decision-making, and Ikea’s contribution to the realm of Explainable AI.

19 Oct 2023
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React Component Profiling
Extensive guide on React performance optimalization in a real-world application

Serious rendering performance troubles in confac, our internal React invoicing app. It reads the entire database in memory 😲 and works pretty much exclusively on the frontend with the Redux store, so it’s not the db that is the performance bottleneck for once 😜

Worst case scenario on the /monthly-invoicing page is a whopping 10s wait time for a single screen to become responsive. Not good.

6 Oct 2023
react war-story

Build your own MacroPad
Michiel's latest hands-on workshop

Last Thursday we built our own MacroPad at itenium. During this session the focus was on learning to solder and putting everything together, all under the supervising eye of Michiel.

5 Oct 2023
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The Security Bootcamp
Strengthen Your Organization's Defenses with our Security Bootcamp

The Security Bootcamp is a transformative training program designed to empower your IT department with hands-on cybersecurity skills, enhance team collaboration, and instill a culture of security consciousness. Participants engage in hacking challenges, problem-solving, and teamwork, ultimately growing as protectors of your digital assets.

4 Oct 2023

Hacking Tool: sqlmap
Database takeover tool

sqlmap is a CLI tool for automated discovery of SQL injection vulnerabilities in web applications.


sqlmapproject/sqlmap : Automatic SQL injection and database takeover tool

3 Oct 2023
tutorial hacking

Hacking Tool: hydra
Brute force login cracker

Show how easy it would be to gain unauthorized access to a system remotely.


Hydra is a brute-force tool to perform dictionary attacks against protocols such as Ftp, Http(s), Cisco, Oracle, Postgres, SMTP, Telnet, SSH and many more.

vanhauser-thc/thc-hydra : hydra

2 Oct 2023
tutorial hacking

Hacking Tool: nmap
The free Network Mapper

Before Trinity could take down the electric grid, she had to find an attack vector. Her hack started with… nmap!

And then used an actual SSH exploit. Nmap can obviously do more than tell you whether SSH is on port 22 ;)
1 Oct 2023
tutorial hacking

The itenium Slack Meme Bot® : with AI?
Implementation was easy enough. Is ChatGPT up for the task?

A few hours of fun, playing around with Docker, Cron, Node, Shell and a FileServer. Can ChatGPT do this too? And maybe in less time?

To be honest, I am very biased against ChatGPT but still hoping, very hard, that it can just do this, so that I can start using it for simple stuff, POCs and more!

5 Jul 2023
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