Product owner - with a DevOps background

Region Brussel

Your challenge

We are currently looking for a Product Owner for our ‘Eagle’ squad. What's unique about this team is that the major stakeholders are all IT colleagues. This team is building dashboards to visualize and map our IT landscape. The goal is for every colleague in IT to keep an overview on internal connections between teams, connections with applications etc., from his or her position and at all times.
As a Product owner you collect, manage and translate the expectations of every stakeholder. You set the priorities in the backlog and you make sure that you deliver value as a team. Your experience and interest related to DevOps and development will help you in doing so.

To sum things up: 

you're in charge of stakeholder management, you sustain contact with all of the departments involved, collect their demands and translate these demands into the required stories. Starting from your Agile mindset you act as a true facilitator and dare to make final decisions: you make roadmaps for all parties involved which clearly include challenges, opportunities and deadlines while taking into account all of the expectations and priorities.

● How can you make a difference? You have a number of years real Product Owner experience in an Agile environment. You have a technical background - DevOps - and you are willing to every now and then still get your hands dirty.  Aiming for the quick delivery of business value and steering clear from the “Big Bang Syndrome” or the “Silver Bullet Syndrome”
● Squad? Eagle is a small team with a big mission to improve the life and efficiency of the whole of our IT team. Different profiles, one TEAM. Different projects, one goal, one mission!
● Don't forget: what you do is not important, it’s essential to our daily flow!

Your key strengths
● You know the challenges in stakeholder management, know how to build good relations and are a strong and clear communicator.
● Experienced in story writing, story slicing, product mapping and story mapping
● Have an Agile mindset and are experienced in Scrum or other agile/lean methodologies
● You easily explain and efficiently solve complex problems
● Strong communicator; you understand the surplus value of open communication and love to take on an advisory role
● You are passionate about analyses and are a proactive and out-of-the-box thinker
● You naturally aim for continuous improvement and better quality and think short delivery deadlines and value delivery are self-evident
● Willing to sporadically take a trip to the Netherlands or Denmark for your job.