Junior Tester

Region Brussel


Department: IT
Service: Testing Service Junior
Startdate: 02/03/2020
Enddate: 31/08/2020

Context :
The customer develops an internal application called (in-house Microsoft .NET application) that allows  Customers to send their orders to them and receive confirmation.
A first release of this application is already in production.
Microsoft “Team Foundation Server” (TFS) is the tracking tool for the specification of requirements and the tasks to be done.
Elia has no automatic testing tool for this application and do not have any plan to use such testing tool in a near future.

Additional information:
In 2020, the customer will

  1. (Re) develop the Internal “User interface” (UI) from the Silverlight Technology to the WPF technology.
  2. Add new business functionalities .

The Mission consists to test each new release of this application during 2020 mainly to validate the new screen of the UI against the current implementation and validate the new functionalities.

  1. Read the current documentation about existing screens
  2. Read the new requirements given by the Business for the new functionalities
  3. Define a set a (light) tests scenarios for each requirement/screen
  4. When the requirements/screens are developed, execute the defined tests scenarios and log the results.
  5. Log formally the issues in TFS and, if necessary, explain the issue to the developers.
  6. Make periodical test status report, based on the executed tests and the covered requirements in TFS.
  7. Perform the demo showing what has been tested since the previous demo.

Required Skills for the profile;

Following profile is needed:

  • Have a first experience of UI testing
  • Have an experience of tests requirements, tests acceptance criteria’s writing
  • Have a proven experience with performance testing, stability testing and non-regression testing
  • Be able to write in an standard English
  • Knowledge of testing tools based on .NET, basic knowledge of .NET and SQL is an advantage
  • Basic IT knowledge in order to understand the IT issues when explained by the developers

Other requirements:

  • Knowledge of EN is a must (All texts are written in English)
  • Knowledge of FR and/or NL is an advantage: Team is FR/NL
  • The tester has to be present in the customer Office each day at 9h for the daily team’s Stand-up meeting

Duration of the project:

Start 01/03/20 for 6 month, possible extension till 28/02/2021.

Working hours and working place:

1000 Brussels