Senior Project Manager

Region Mechelen

 Context of the job

The senior project manager will be responsible for several projects within the Regulated WHS program. Seen the fact that some crucial projects (part of end of June release) need special attention and close follow up, the senior project manager needs to make a pre and post release crisis plan.  In parallel  will design all Regulated Wholesale IT processes (uses cases), based on the current business processes. Coordination of this internal job will also be part of the assignment.


Duration: minimum 6 months

Amount of people in project team: > 10 people

Level of communication: senior / board level


The project manager will focus on delivering the milestones on time by coordinating the initiation, analysis, design, implementation, launch and after-care phase.


Job mission

To deliver the full scope of the projects on time, within budget and according to the required time scales so the owner of the project (Regulated Wholesale Director) and other stakeholders are fully satisfied.


Key accountabilities:


The Senior Project manager is capable of managing specifiable implementations linked to regulated wholesales.

The Senior project manager will have a set of responsibilities and is expected to take decisions required to lead the project to his end, meaning that he will not only apply the principle but also lead the project from a strategic point of view.

The Senior Project manager will be given generic guidelines, and is expect to structure, lead, assist and inspire the project management roadmap and stream. He will take ownership of all operational issues related to project management and act as a second line of escalation.

The Senior Project manager will be responsible for the implementation of very complex projects, involving multiple stakeholders across the company and externally, these projects will in most cases involve major changes on all the value chain.

The Senior Project manager will be required to work in close collaboration with the Regulated Wholesale Director and Account Manager, representatives of T&I, IT and regulatory and will mainly interact with senior management within Telenet.



Preparation of project

Intake: Analyse the requirements / wishes of the owner. Prepare several implementation scenarios based on intake. Advises the commercial / technical preparation and selection of suppliers.


Project plan

Prepare project plan and planning of milestones, required time, required resources and money.

Take care of acceptance by owner. Setup of project team based on project plan.


Project Management

Manage the project based on project plan. Look after the performance of the project members.

Project quality

Responsible for the quality of implementation by investigation, analyse, judge the risks. Prepare decision making regarding this risk’s for the owner of the project. Initiate measurements to minimize the risks and assure the project performance.

Project delivery

Deliver project according scope and project plan to the owner and present the project result.

Take care for the after care and evaluation, close the project by acceptance.


Project information and reporting

Coordinate all documentation of information regarding performance and quality of the project so it is clear to everybody. Report to the owner regarding performance and status of the project.

Coaching project team

Assist and coach the project members.