JavaScript Testing: Jasmine async syntax

JavaScript Testing: Jasmine async syntax

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Need to test async code? No problem for Jasmine. There is done() to inform Jasmine a test has finished running.

With jasmine.clock(), the value of new Date() can be manipulated.

Finally instructions on how to configure Babel for async/await in tests.


it, beforeEach, afterAll, … have an additional optional parameter called timeout (ms). A test fails for such a block when nor done() nor is called within jasmine.DEFAULT_TIMEOUT_INTERVAL which defaults to 5000 (ms).

beforeAll(done => {
	// The same construct can be used for
	// beforeEach, afterEach and afterAll
}, customTimeout);

it('has an optional "done" parameter', done => {
		.then(() => expect(true).toBeTruthy())

xit('can fail with a specific message', done => {
	Promise.reject().catch(, '"with your error message")'));
}, customTimeout);

Time Travel

beforeEach(() => jasmine.clock().install());

it("doesn't have to take the slow path", () => {
	var timePassed = 0;
	setTimeout(() => {
		timePassed += 100;
	}, 100);


it('can hijack new Date', () => {
	const baseTime = new Date(2013, 9, 23);

	expect(new Date().getTime()).toEqual(baseTime.getTime() + 50);

afterEach(() => jasmine.clock().uninstall());

Async Await

For the really hip people, and with a little help of .babelrc, you can write your tests like:

it("'s async/await, it's so 2017!", done => {
	(async () => {
		const pie = await Promise.resolve(3.14);
		expect(pie).toBeCloseTo(3, 0);

You’ll need these Babel plugins:

npm i -D babel-plugin-syntax-async-functions
npm i -D babel-plugin-transform-async-to-generator

// .babelrc:
plugins: ["syntax-async-functions", "transform-async-to-generator"]

The accompanying code has a working example for async/await in the es2015 folder.

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