Build your own MacroPad

Michiel's latest hands-on workshop

Build your own MacroPad

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Last Thursday we built our own MacroPad at itenium. During this session the focus was on learning to solder and putting everything together, all under the supervising eye of Michiel.

Friendly Warning

Before we begin soldering…

Thanks to Mike for the heads up!

The Components

A microcontroller, 1 rotary encoder and 6 keyboard switches.

The Assembly

Soldering the pins on the microcontroller
Soldering the jumper wires on the keyboard switches
Trying to get it all in its casing 😉

The Session

Thank you Michiel for a very cool and fun evening!
Printing some additional button caps
Everyone busy at work 😃

Final Touches

Making them buttons actually do something using Autohotkey or Microsoft PowerToys.

Et voila, a stylish MacroPad!

What’s Next

To make our MacroPads truly our own, we definitely have to do a followup Autohotkey session 😎

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