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Build your own Macro pad

We'll build our own macropad in this session. We'll mostly focus on learning to solder and putting everything together.

The firmware part is also described, if writing software isn't your thing, ask for some help to get the final code on your device. It's located in the repository.

The goal

A photo of the end result

A functioning macropad with 6 customizable hotkeys and a clickable volume knob.


  1. First we'll solder the headers on to the microcontroller.
  2. Required software setup.
  3. Next we can connect the rotary encoder and program it to work as a volume knob for our PC.
  4. Now the hard part, wiring up all of our keyboard switches.
  5. Then we have the assembly.
  6. And finally the finishing-touches!

Good luck!

I've added a parts list as well, if you ever want to build another macro pad.