Hacking Tool: sqlmap

Database takeover tool

Hacking Tool: sqlmap

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sqlmap is a CLI tool for automated discovery of SQL injection vulnerabilities in web applications.


sqlmapproject/sqlmap : Automatic SQL injection and database takeover tool

It has some… interesting features:

  • Enumerate users, roles, databases, … and dump all rows
  • Password hash recognition and attempt cracking with a dictionary attack
  • Download and upload any file
  • Search for tables, columns, execute arbitrary SQL, …
  • Database process’ user privilege escalation
  • Setup an interactive command prompt


sqlmap -u 'url' --dump

Flags used:

  • -u 'url': Target URL (e.g. “http://site.com/vuln.php?id=1”)
  • --dump: Dump DBMS database table entries

Other interesting flags:

  • -f: Perform an extensive DBMS version fingerprint
  • --wizard: Simple wizard interface for beginner users
  • -v VERBOSE: Verbosity level: 0-6 (default 1)
  • --sql-query=QUERY: SQL statement to be executed
  • --sql-shell: Prompt for an interactive SQL shell
  • --search: Search column(s), table(s) and/or database name(s)
  • --technique=TECH: SQL injection techniques to use (default “BEUSTQ”)
    • B: boolean-based blind (Add OR SQL. ex: OR 1=1 to get all rows)
    • E: error-based (force an error with interesting error message, ex: cur_db() as numeric)
    • U: UNION query-based (Start with UNION and add an extra query)
    • S: stacked queries (Use ; and add a whole new query. End with -- so the rest of the query is commented out)
    • T: time-based blind (if error messages are not displayed, use time to get a true/false answer IF(version()=5.3, sleep(5), 'false'))
    • Q: inline queries (Inject subqueries)
  • --udf-inject: Inject custom user-defined functions
  • Operation System
    • --reg-read: Read a Windows registry key value (also --reg-add & --reg-del)
    • --os-cmd=OSCMD: Execute an operating system command
    • --os-shell: Prompt for an interactive operating system shell


docker run --rm paoloo/sqlmap --help

mkdir sqlmap-data
docker run --rm -it -v ./sqlmap-data:/root/.sqlmap/ paoloo/sqlmap --url "url" --dump


During itenium’s Security Bootcamp sqlmap can be used to retrieve a flag hidden in a database by attacking a vulnerable web page.

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