Autohotkey Use Case: Submitting a Form

Autohotkey Use Case: Submitting a Form

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A simple Autohotkey use case you can start using in your application right away:
Filling in an entire form with predefined values.

The Use Case

The Form

Considering the following login form (Html version)


The Script

The Autohotkey script:


Type lma (Short for Login Mega App?) while the cursor is in the email input to fill in the form and submit it.

Autohotkey installation

  • Download and install Autohotkey (Pick Autohotkey 1.1)
  • Create a file with the extension ahk
  • Paste the Autohotkey code from above in the file
  • Double click your newly created file to activate the hotstring
  • Press lma while the cursor is in the email input on the test page

To start with Windows

To start your Autohotkey script with Windows put a file shortcut in your startup folder.

To get to this directory:

  • Press Windows + E
  • Press Control + L
  • Type shell:startup
  • Press Enter

Usually something like:

C:\Users\your_user_name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

With your_user_name: $env:USERNAME (PS1) or %USERNAME% (CMD)

More info

The Script Explained

; `*` means the hotstring will expand as soon as it is typed in
; It can be omitted so the hotstring will only expand when followed by an `EndChars`
; The part between the double :: is the key sequence that will trigger the hotstring

; Send some text

; Send special characters
SendInput {tab}{tab}{space}{tab}{enter}

Using a hotkey instead

The same could also be triggered by pressing Control + Windows + L for example


See the blog post on hotkeys for more hotkey info and possibilities.

Context sensitive

When testing an application, I tend to use a different browser for each user profile so that I do not have to logout/login all the time. We could even check the value of document.title and use different credentials for different applications.

; Type loginAdv to activate the hotstring
WinGetTitle, title, A

; These logins work only in Chrome
#IfWinActive, ahk_class Chrome_WidgetWin
    IfInString, title, ProjectDocumentTitle1
        SendInput admin{tab}pwd{enter}
    Else IfInString, title, ProjectDocumentTitle2
        SendInput superuser{tab}pwd{enter}
        SendInput root{tab}pwd{enter}

; Firefox
#IfWinActive, ahk_class MozillaWindowClass
    IfInString, title, ProjectDocumentTitle1
        SendInput client{tab}pwd{enter}
    Else IfInString, title, ProjectDocumentTitle2
        SendInput clerk{tab}pwd{enter}
        SendInput guest{tab}pwd{enter}

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