Chrome Extension: Starify Github project links

Chrome Extension: Starify Github project links

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A free and open source Chrome Extension that adds Github stars badges to all links on a web page.

After: sindresorhus/awesome sindresorhus/awesome

Runs automatically on certain pages like Google search results, StackExchange questions, on Github itself and on Package Manager registries.

Control + Alt + G : Activate on any other page

More Examples

Google Search Results

Github Awesome List


Fork the project and modify the source if you want different behavior because… Well there isn’t some sort of settings page :)

Find these variables at the top of github-stars.user.js:

// Execute directly on pages matching one of these:
const activateDirectlyOn = [
  '', '', '',
  '', /^https:\/\/.*\.stackexchange\.com/,
  /^https:\/\/(www.)?google\..*\/search/, '',
  '', '', '',

// Otherwise wait for Control + Alt + G:
const isTheHotkey = e => e.ctrlKey && e.altKey && e.code === 'KeyG';

// Shoutout to for kindly providing the badges!
const badgeUrl = '{userName}/{repoName}.svg?style=social&label=Star';

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  • 17 March 2024 : Fix for Google layout. Updated to manifest.json v3.
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