Bootcamp: 3D Modelling

A little internal 'best screenshot' competition!

Bootcamp: 3D Modelling

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For our bootcamp this year, Tom Pauwaert introduced us to the Unreal Engine. We started from the course materials of Emiel Sleegers to build a landscape inspired by the grandeur of ancient Rome and Greece.


Can't go landscaping on an empty stomach!

Fake it!

We started the bootcamp with a short introduction to “Game Graphics Production” followed by a Unreal Engine 101 where Tom also let us in on the game industry’s biggest secret: fake it!

Tom Pauwaert: The art of copy pasting in 'Horizon Forbidden West'

Don’t create 6 different versions of something. Create just the one and then copy/paste, rotate, enlarge, play with lighting, materials and no one will notice they are looking at the same thing copied over and over!

As true developers this was easily accepted, and so we got to work!


Taking a break after all that building and constructing!

Finishing Touches

After lunch, there were additional demos on some more advanced Unreal Engine functionality: make it all look even better by playing with light, fog, elevations and finish up the landscape with terrain and foliage assets.


The Winners

The top 3 resulting screenshots, as voted by the itenium consultants:

🥇 Alexander

🥈 Michael

🥉 Timo

Honorable Mention

🏅 Sofie: manages to get on the podium every year with some out of the box thinking ;)

Also special thanks to @Tom Pauwaert for teaching us the ins and outs of the Unreal Engine!

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