Notepad++ Bookmarks

Notepad++ Bookmarks

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In many text-editors there are means to easily jump with the cursor between different points in the code and this is no different in Notepad++. Bookmarks have their own margin where they can be toggled with a mouse click.

They can also be toggled with “CTRL + F2”. Use “F2” and “SHIFT + F2” to jump back and forth between them.

All bookmarks can be cleared from the “Search –> Bookmark” menu. There are some more related options in that menu which might even seem pretty odd at first. That is until you combine them with the “Mark” tab in the “Find Dialog (CTRL + F)”.

Inverse Bookmark, say what?

Suddenly you can write a regular expression to capture certain lines of text and cut those lines with a single command. Pretty neat!

Bookmark lines based on search expression