Little treasure hunts that require no or minimal hacking. Not everyone needs to be a command line afficionado to help their team score points.

Security Blog

Read about the game mechanics, how to work hacking tools, clues on the vulnerabilities and of course... the Wordpress is vulnerable itself!

Hacker Liason

Our hacker liason Jan joins us for the bootcamp with demos of hacking tools and more!


Presentations and demos of the exploits to increase understanding of the vulnerabilities and how to defend against them.

The Bootcamp

Full day

Our immersive one-day experience is designed to not only test your skills but also to elevate your understanding of security in today's digital landscape.


Prepare for a day of collaboration, problem-solving, and friendly competition as teams compete to score points and unlock the vault for bonus multipliers.


Target audience is a group of 25+ developers, testers, hacker hobbyists, security enthusiasts and otherwise curious techies.

Build Security Awareness

The best way to enhance cybersecurity is through awareness and education.

Hacking Tools

Demos featuring nmap, sqlmap, wpscan, hydra, ... by hacker liason Jan.

Increase Risk Awareness

Gain insights from identifying vulnerabilities to employing countermeasures by engaging in these activities.






Docker Containers


AI Requests


The Main Objective

From the “Group 4 Security Portal”, post an awesome video recording of your team to the “Security Audit Blog”

The NPCs

Game Moderator Final Decision Maker

Evil CEO The Final Boss

Hacker Liason Game runner and hacker specialist

What our participants are saying about the Security Bootcamp

Jesper (MITTechCon) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Great to do exercises and solve puzzles yourself, that makes it much more interesting and educational than just looking at a presentation.
Thomas (itenium) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

As promised, it was awesome!
Kobe (BeNeRail) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Great day of good office fun, learned a lot about vulnerabilities in general.

The Game


Sure to be some of that as we hack and ultimately destroy their systems.


As the bootcamp progresses, the tension mounts, and the stakes couldn't be higher. After all the points for a hack have been scored, a pivotal moment awaits: the crisis meeting at the evil client's lair.


Hoodie & Mask: not mandatory but highly recommended


Find out what kind of ciphers they used to encode their flags to unlock the vault.


The infamous Hikvision hack. Control the CCTV footage of their entire operation.


All hacking and other tools are available for download during the bootcamp.

Empower Your Team

Security Bootcamp

  • enhance your team's cybersecurity skills?
  • foster collaboration and security awareness?
  • under guise of a game?
Our Security Bootcamp is the answer!